2017 Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships

The 2017 Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships, will proudly present and host vessels from around the world with visits from beautiful ships such as the Europa, a luxurious ship that was built in 1911, and is from the Netherlands, as well as the Oosterschelde which was built in 1918 and departs from Rotterdam. This is just a small glimpse of what’s coming this year!

Look off into the distance, the glistening sun pours down and the river dances as it sparkles against the light, and be greeted with the massive sails dancing in the wind. The beautiful hardwood body withstands the gentle caress of the waves as the faint sound of creaking boards and rattling chains are heard among the distant voices of the crew, yelling back and forth in unison, working together to steer this massive vessel in the right direction.

As the ship comes closer to the dock, run towards the wharf in anticipation and excitement, hoping to catch a closer look at the beauty before you. The anchor is dropped with a massive splash and ropes are tossed from the sides to secure the vessel to the station. The ramp is dropped and you are greeted by the crew with excitement and waving arms of joy.

Take your first step onto the massive ship and adjust your legs to the gentle waves and slight rocking of the ship as it floats weightlessly on the water. Feel the sturdy oak colored hardwood floors under your feet. Cool air will hit your face as your nose is filled with the scent of the salty sea air from the cool waters below. The sound of seagulls over your head will add a nice lullaby to the chatter amongst the group of people as they stare in awe at their surroundings. The banisters are glistening, the sails are dancing as you feel the gentle knocking of the waves crash against the ship.

Spend the day listening to the stories told by the crew and captain, explore every nook and cranny you can for secrets and mysteries that are hidden deep within the ship’s vast heritage. As time passes and the sun sets, the wind goes to sleep. A dimming orange filter begins covering the ship. Beautiful clouds of pink fill the sky to complement the beauty of these majestic vessels as the waves of the river begin to calm and steady.

This is truly an experience you don’t want to miss. A festival of fun and rich history is yet to be explored!

By Lucas Durelle

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Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships 2017

Chair Person: Derek Burchill


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