The Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships 2017 Presents The Rona II

The Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships 2017 will be presenting The Rona II which was built in the United Kingdom in 1991 by the Rona Sailing Project. The Vessel itself was built in the small village of Hamble, England (population of 4,695), known as a very popular yachting location.

The Rona II operates its vessel in many locations such as Northern Europe, The Atlantic/Caribbean, The North America east and west coast and of course Canada.

The ship itself stands at a massive 85 ft. in height and 67 ft. and 5 inches in length, which is enough to house as many as twenty-one crew members. All members of the crew have specific jobs and duties that they are required to perform to ensure a successful sail.

The Rona II has successfully completed 21 international Tall Ship campaigns and 3 trans-Atlantic campaigns and has accumulated a distance of 250,000 nautical miles in her career which equals a massive 463000 kilometers by land distance.

Over the years, 7,200 youths have partaken in the sailing experience.  This project not only builds confidence and team working skills, but also aids in personal development by teaching the youth how to cook, clean and take responsibility for every task given to them.

At the beginning of the voyage, when the students are just starting out, the team is a diverse group of people, each person with his or her own background and circumstances that sets them apart from each other, but together they have one common goal: to sail the sea.

Although the onboard crew members are few in numbers it takes more than 300 volunteers to help guide the voyages and maintain the vessel with volunteers ranging from medical professionals, maritime workers to college and high school students.

Once onboard the ship, they need to put their differences aside to unify and work together as one unit to complete the sailing experience. They will need to communicate, build trust with each other, talk amongst themselves, and share ideas so by the end of the voyage, they will walk off that ship, not only as greater individuals but as one group, one crew.

By Lucas Durelle

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