The Pirates of Halifax Set Sail for Tall Ships Festival

The Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships is pleased to announce the attendance of the Pirates of Halifax at this year’s festival.

The Pirates of Halifax is composed of the most authentic Pirates of the Caribbean movie characters: Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa, Captain Davy Jones and Captain Teague of Canada. They also have a generic pirate character of the name of Gunner Scully.

Masters of improvisation, they arrive at their events in character and play to the crowd, singing sea shanties and telling stories and jokes. They even demonstrate how to eat a lobster pirate style!

These pirates drink no red wine from their mugs, only pure RUM! It must be because piracy runs thick in their blood.

So be sure to keep a sharp eye on the horizon for these buccaneers!


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Miramichi Festival of Tall Ships 2017

Chair Person: Derek Burchill


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